ACCURASE® Assurance

ACCURASE® Assurance Process


An Accurase® Pest Control Specialist will use the latest scientific technology to thoroughly assess your home for a possible pest infestation.


Each home is unique; that's why your Accurase® Pest Control Specialist will use an integrated process to draw up a customized plan specifically for your home's needs including any problems identified, along with a recommended Plan Of Action.


If pests are found, we'll treat your home to fulfillment in order to bring it under our ACCURASE® ASSURANCE GUARANTEE.

If your home is pest-free, our QualityPro® Specialist will install the latest and most formidable protection, putting your home under our Accurase® Assurance Guarantee cloak. It's like an upside-down umbrella for your home against pests.


Our Pest Control Specialist will monitor your home for any future signs of pest activity, always updating the current system with the latest technology. In the unlikely event pests make it past our industry-leading barriers, we'll perform the necessary re-treatments to keep your home under our AAG umbrella.

ACCURASE® Assurance Guarantee

ACCURASE® ASSURANCE GUARANTEE(AAG) is available for qualifying properties only. Limitations apply. Not available in all areas. For complete terms, including coverage areas, please call. If within 30 days after an inspection you aren’t totally satisfied, we will refund the coverage charges, reimburse any prepaid services and cancel your plan.


Inspection, Customization, Implementation, and Monitoring — Our ACCURASE® Assurance Process guarantees the most thorough and formidable protection for your home.

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"The staff at Accurase, Bradley, are efficient, polite, courteous, and cost effective. It is good to know I can trust my home to a company that cares about their customers."

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