Unique non-oxygen breathing animal discovered

Researchers have discovered a non-oxygen breathing animal. The unexpected finding changes one of science's assumptions about the animal world.


Researchers ID protein function in parasites that cause sometimes fatal diseases

In the quest to develop more effective treatments for parasitic diseases, scientists look for weaknesses in the organisms' molecular machinery. Researchers recently contributed to that understanding by discovering the function of a specific protein in the three related parasites that cause African s...


How malaria detects and shields itself from approaching immune cells

Malaria parasites can sense a molecule produced by approaching immune cells and then use it to protect themselves from destruction, according to new findings.


Eco-friendly way to stop mosquitoes

An innovative -- and inexpensive -- technique targets mosquito larvae where they live.


How the malaria parasite grows and multiplies

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in understanding how the parasite that causes malaria is able to multiply at such an alarming rate, which could be a vital clue in discovering how it has evolved, and how it can be stopped. For the first time, scientists have shown how certain molecules play...


New technique allows scientists to study parasitic infections one cell at a time

A new technique may help scientists study the body's immune response to intestinal parasite infections one gut cell at a time.



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