Bed bugs are on the rise and invading homes more than ever. Living close to beds in order to feed on their hosts (you), bed bugs are notoriously hard to spot at only a quarter inch long and are extremely hard to exterminate. Feeding primarily on humans, bed bugs get their name for remaining close to the bed to score a hearty meal of your warm-blood while you sleep.

Bed bug bites can resemble that of the mosquito or another insect with raised, red welts to burning and itching or even a rash or straight lines of multiple bites. Signs to look for are blood stains on your sheets or sleeping garments, bed bug shedding and fecal stains on your bedding.

Bed bugs are primarily transported by humans whether in suitcases or luggage and can travel long distances to enter your home. Bed bugs can go weeks without meals but when they decide for another one, identify you by carbon dioxide exhalation, body heat and biological signatures. A bed bug feeds, then retreats to safety to quickly multiply.

To eliminate bed bugs, professional extermination is critical. These tiny creatures can multiply extraordinarily fast, creating a full-on infestation within a matter of weeks without your knowledge. Once they dig their claws in, they don't want to leave which is why professional service before a full-blown infestation occurs is standard procedure.

Which seasons are the worst for Bed Bugs?

Spring Spring

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