Earwigs, generally considered a nuisance pest, are a common invader to homes and sheds across the United States, especially in the summer. Fortunately, despite their dangerous outward appearance due to forceps protruding from their abdomens, these little pests are more of an interior nuisance to you; unfortunately, if you have a garden they might be your worst enemy!

Earwigs, although often confused with cockroaches are easily identifiable. Noted for their rusty-brown coloring, two sets of leathery wings, forceps, an average length between .5cm to 2.5cm and quick movement when uncovered give away their nature. Unlike cockroaches, Earwigs may use their pinchers to subdue prey or as a defensive mechanism if necessary. Seeking a cool, moist environment in the summer, these little destroyers love the shady surroundings of a home, especially if a garden is there to hold moisture in until they can seek reprieve from the heat in a similar environment inside.

Fortunately, an internal infestation is rare due to notice and professional assistance. When under duress Earwigs may produce a foul-smelling odor to ward off predators and general at-home tactics to dissuade them from your home are generally ineffective. Dealing with Earwigs is a multistep approach where the interior and exterior of the home need to be fortified while also cleared of breading grounds such as moisture within 12 inches of the exterior.

To fully deal with an Earwig problem either in your garden or inside professional assistance is generally advised. Although, not disease spreading or generally harmful to humans, if left to create an infestation Earwigs can present a real problem.

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