Termites are some of the costliest pests there are causing more than $5 billion in damage annually and on average can cost homeowners over $7,000 in damage repairs not to mention treatment costs. Termites are often dubbed the "silent destroyer" because without your knowledge, they're eating away at your home causing immense destruction.

Termites initially fly to establish new colonies which is why you should always be aware of winged insects swarming your home. Once they've decided to invade, you'll notice shedded wings as confirmation that these little creatures are burrowing into your home. All termites eat cellulose-based plant material meaning they can invade nearly any structure.

Decks in direct contact with the ground are particularly susceptible, however, termites can also crawl through the cracks in a concrete foundation to make it inside your home. The best way to prevent a termite infestation and potentially costly repairs is to take preventative measures, establishing a professional barrier system that leaves your home impenetrable by termites.

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