Mosquitoes have long been one of mankind's most hated enemies and rightfully so considering this is very well the most deadly creature in history. These tiny creatures feed on your blood in order to procreate, all while transmitting deadly viruses from host to host. In the United States one of the most common is West Nile, however, Zika virus is becoming more common and can affect pregnant women causing birth defects.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can mask their presence nearly anywhere during the day, usually enjoying the shade of a plant or other shade until they come out to hunt. Since they're most active during dusk or even during the night, that's when the blood suckers come out to feed when you're least aware.

Stagnant water is one of the largest causes of a mosquito infestation since the female lays her eggs there after feeding on you. Mosquitoes are persistent and pervasive in the warmer months, however, don't have to be. Accurase offers treatments guaranteed to decrease your mosquito problem.

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Holding one of the strongest backed guarantees in the business, Accurase® will either solve your mosquito problem or refund a portion of your service charge.


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