Flies are some of the most silent and ubiquitous disease transmitters on the planet spreading Staphylococcus, E. coli, Salmonella and much, much more. These little two-winged creatures have been linked to spreading pathogens such as hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera and bacillary dysentery.

Since flies only have two wings they land often, depositing thousands of bacteria since they usually move from garbage or disease-charged waste to human food or utensils. Flies are capable of transmitting a number of diseases and are especially active during the warmer months which is why identification is so important.

Depending on the fly, a professional can direct you on how best to remove them from your home and prevent them from returning. Flies are pervasive and most people consider them a simple nuisance, however, because of their high rate of pathogen transmission, they should not be dismissed ever.

Which seasons are the worst for Flies?

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