Generally beetles aren't a nuisance insect, often times helping destroy other smaller insects such as the lady beetle/(bug) which benefits many gardeners. However, the beetle family is considered the largest order of insects which means the beneficial ones have a few unwanted cousins needing extermination.

Beetles are often mistaken for cockroaches since each share two pairs of wings, yet despite the two similarities the beetle is anatomically fundamentally different such as having its front wings appear more shell-like than a wing which also makes them poor fliers. Beetles are predominantly black in color yet there are numerous colors in the species from brown to the lady beetle who's red with black spots.

Unfortunately, as lovable as some beetles are, some aren't. Beetles are generally attracted to food sources such as wood, fabric, garden plants or even packaged food and stored grains. This can create a nuisance when they destroy your property or sneak inside through gaps in your home.

Typically, beetles become most problematic toward the end of summer or late fall when hundreds of them are clustered outside your home, trying to seek shelter. Fortunately, beetles don't transmit diseases or other hazards, however, they can be a source of destruction to your food stores through the winter months. If you have a beetle problem, call us today to get a free inspection.

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