Ticks are parasitic in nature due to feeding on hosts much larger than themselves for survival. Varying by color, ticks have a distinctive shape and identification between the American dog tick, deer or black-legged tick and lone star tick.

Often times, ticks are located in highly vegetative or wooded areas, having a special affinity for dropping on their host from evergreens. Since ticks rely on hosts, any livestock, pets or other mammalian population will generally draw their attention, potentially hitchhiking their way into your home.

At best ticks are a nuisance yet at worst these little 8 legged creatures can transmit diseases from their previous hosts to you. Prevention is the most effective solution, however, if you suspect an infestation professional help is recommended.

Removal of ticks is extremely difficult to execute correctly and care should be especially taken not to crush the body in order to not further release toxins. If there are medical concerns, please consult your personal physician.

Which seasons are the worst for Ticks?

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