Ants are one of the hardest pest to control while also maintaining the reputation of being the predominant infestor of homes in recent times. Identification of the ant species is the first step to elimination since most ants take a specialized approach.

If you're looking to identify an infestation, ants usually never travel alone and if they do, give off a pheromone to indicate a food supply to the rest. Once a colony is established upwards of 300,000 can form in only a short time. Ants can nest nearly anywhere inside your house or around it but also relocate on a moments notice.

A single colony can last over a decade if not properly eradicated and if they penetrate your home can wreak havoc, creating tunnels through wood and colonizing the inside of your walls. Once fully established an ant infestation can be difficult to eliminate which is why professional treatment is recommended.

Keeping ants out of the home isn't a one-time treatment but an ongoing process and one where you don't want to risk a colony developing inside your home. Unfortunately, most at home procedures only kill the visible ants which allows a colony to develop more fully making them harder to eradicate. Accurase can help you truly protect or eliminate ants from your home.

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