Mosquito Control

Holding one of the strongest backed guarantees in the business, Accurase® will either solve your mosquito problem or refund a portion of your service charge.

Mosquitos aren't merely an inconvenience while enjoying the grill, pool, garden, yard or simply lounging but also a health hazard. These tiny creatures are possibly the deadliest creature in history due to their spread of diseases such as Malaria, West Nile and Zika Virus to name a few.

Mosquitoes can:

  • Transmit potentially fatal diseases
  • Cause severe itching and welts
  • Reproduce at an astonishing rate
  • Reproduce with virtually no standing water

Mosquito Attraction

  • Mosquitoes initially use smell to sense a host by their exhalation of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Once they get closer, they use a combination of sight and sensing body heat to find you as their prey.
  • In order to reproduce, female mosquitoes need the protein and iron in your blood which is why they're attracted to you.
  • A small amount of standing or stagnant water is all the female needs to lay her eggs. This could include inside a water hose, gutters, bird baths or even your plants.
  • Fortunately, mosquitoes don't roam very far which is why the best way to keep yourself safe from these pests is to have effective mosquito control.

Mosquito Control

  • Step 1—Inspection
    • Our QualityPro® trained specialist will thoroughly inspect your property and create a customized mosquito control plan
  • Step 2—Extermination
    • First, we do whatever possible to reduce mosquito breeding grounds on your property.
    • Next, we will effectively treat your property to potentially reduce mosquito population by more than 90% in just a few weeks. It starts working immediately.
  • Step 3—Defend
    • Our Accurase® specialist will use a customized, integrated approach, to safely ensure you're protected including water treatments, vegetation treatments and egg hatching prevention.
  • Step 4—Preserve
    • Mosquito control is an ongoing process to keep you safe and enjoying your summer. Mosquito season starts in April and ends in October. With monthly applications, you stay protected.


Accurase® Mosquito Control Guarantee

We're not happy until you're happy

Although mosquitoes can never be 100% eliminated, Accurase® will continue to work to solve your problem until you're satisfied. Holding one of the strongest backed guarantees in the business, Accurase® will either solve your mosquito problem or refund a portion of your service charge so long as you're a current customer with no delinquencies. See complete terms and conditions for additional information.** (below in smaller text)

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